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Dodge applied nine August 1897, prize 8 March 1898, No 598722, Moving Stair

Dodge applied nine August 1897, prize 8 March 1898, No 598722, Moving Stair

Seeberger used 19 May 1898, award 17 January 1899, Zero 617778, Lift. Developments so you can a routine to possess a spiral (double-helix) types of strolled conveyor.

Reno used twenty two Summer 1899, honor 21 November 1899, No 637526, More likely elevator; a comparable setting to their earlier patent however, redesigned with different advancements and you may retaining combs and you will cleats. So it seems to be this new patent accompanied to the Reno much more likely elevators in fact situated.

Reno used twenty-two November 1900, prize 14 Could possibly get 1901, Zero 673890, More inclined elevator; identifies advancements specifically to help you plan out of a great duplex servers operate by the just one equipment. Brand new drawing and additionally implies that choice flattens at each stop (although this doesn’t seem to be a portion of the claim). The brand new off handrail was created to opposite and also have act as the brand new upwards handrail into the surrounding tune. Pounds off down individuals partially regularly push upwards servers, reducing energy.

Reno used 15 March 1901, award twenty five February 1902, Zero 696193, More likely elevator; this was essentially a residential equipment intended to be fitted to existing stairwell and spanning a movable seat linked to a railway to bring some one upwards otherwise down an effective storey. (Good stairlift).

Wheeler applied thirteen March 1901, award ten Sep 1901, No 682513, Elevator; Subsequent improvements so you’re able to their wandered host to clear up and relieve friction.

Reno applied 20 March 1902, honor nine Sep 1902, No 708663, More likely elevator; it was a choice growth of earlier in the day motif to have providing a good types of continuous stairlift to possess you’ll include in factories – sometime for example a skiing lift theoretically, however, offered and not suspended.

Seeberger used 30 April 1902, award fourteen March 1911, Zero 984495, Conveyor. This will be an idea having an effective stepped host you to definitely goes up during the you to spiral and descends from inside the the second adjoining spiral.

Seeberger applied twenty-eight Get 1902, honor 18 December 1906, No 838654, Conveyor. This is a novel innovation enabling anybody riser to face in a choice of assistance from the swivelling the fresh new up-rising bit out of front so you’re able to right back of any action as needed. Seems some an excellent sideline.

Reno applied fourteen December 1903, prize 9 February 1904, Zero 751999, Elevator; fundamentally next advancements to create equipment useful moving merchandise.

Reno applied 11 August 1905, honor 14 November 1905, No 804266, Inclined elevator; generally a remodeled tread strip which have increased all the way down bits reducing position away from condition and you can boosting landing arrangements (nonetheless having fun with combs and cleats).

Because of it he was in the competition that have Seeberger

Wheeler applied fourteen October 1905, award twenty-six Can get 1908, Zero 889080, More inclined lift. This will be an idea to possess an excellent strolled machine one increases when you look at the one spiral and descends in the an extra adjacent spiral (but different from Seeberger).

Reno used eleven Jan 1906, award 10 April 1906, No 817338, Inclined elevator. chat zozo This was nothing at all to do with their early in the day hosts however, appears to spell it out this new advancement of one’s modern brush getting from an effective progressive escalator, in addition to cleated risers.

Reno applied 6 Sep 1906, award nine July 1907, Zero 859252, Much more likely elevator. A tool to have moving ‘trucks’ between floors regarding mall.

Reno applied twenty six Summer 1909, award 5 July 1910, Zero 963176, More inclined lift. This is the patent to the slightly stepped, cleated treads one efficiently became brand new Otis cleated escalator.

British Patents

1899 Zero 1091, Seeberger, applied 17 January 1899, prize 11 February 1899; Advancements from inside the and relating to Elevators. Basically their sort of moving staircase you to progress in a good spiral.

1899 Zero 1092, Seeberger, used 17 January 1899, prize twenty-two April 1899; Developments into the and you may based on Elevators. Essentially their sorts of moving steps that advances in the a good spiral. (Distinctive from earlier.)

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