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KT Lee Group Gave Away “Ang Pao” during Spring Festival. The Event “Purchase A House to Get A Car” Packed in the Crowds

Muar, 11th February – “Golden pig brings us fortune, blessings fulfil the world”, A big “ANG PAO” was giving away – “Buy a house and drive a FREE car home!” KT Lee Group had been giving away many red envelopes to the visitors in Taman Serom Perdana, Tangkak district on the fourth and fifth day of the Chinese New Year Festival. Also, KT Lee Group does not forget to donate to the charity and contribute to public welfare during this festive season.

Taman Serom Perdana is developed by KT Lee Group, Mr. K.T. Lee (李金德), the chairman of the group, with the dedicative entrepreneurial spirit of from the society, for the society. Especially the giveaway of the red envelopes were with a total value of 2.88 million ringgit Malaysia (only 88 servings) to celebrate this auspicious Chinese New Year with the local residents on 8th and 9th February.

Visit Old Folks’ Home to Send Warmth and Help.

Besides that, Mr. K.T. Lee went to the old folks’ home in Tangkak Town area to visit the elders, sent Chinese New Year gifts and the red envelopes to celebrate this precious festival with them.

The event of giving away “Ang Pao” and “Buy a house and drive a FREE car home” during this Chinese New Year had attracted a lot of visitors, with enthusiastic responses. Mr. K.T. Lee emphasized again that the real estate’s investment is the most important investment in everyone’s life. He claimed that along with the development of the society, properties will only increase in its value. He encouraged the people to buy their own property while they are young before the economics inflation. The young people should use real estate’s investment as a saving for their future.

For those who are interested in investing properties or real estates in Taman Serom Perdana, please do not hesitate to contact: MR Dominic (011-1093 1093) or KT Lee Group Office (06-337 7008) at 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

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