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This new muscle men: a comparison of the bodily elegance preferences off gay and you may heterosexual menSwami, V

This new muscle men: a comparison of the bodily elegance preferences off gay and you may heterosexual menSwami, V

New determine from men’s room intimate actions on the thinking away from ladies actual appeal, health insurance and fertilitySwami, V

Looking good: things affecting the probability of that have makeup surgerySwami, V., Arteche, A great., Chamorro-Premuzic, T., Furnham, A beneficial., Stieger, S., Haubner, T. and Voracek, Yards. 2008. Looking great: items impacting the chances of that have cosmetic surgery. European Record off Plastic surgery. 29 (5), pp. 211-218.

Well formed? The outcome regarding manipulating the fresh hips-to-cool rates out-of famous sketches and you can sculpturesSwami, V., Offer, N., Furnham, Good. and you may McManus, We.C. 2008. Very well molded? The effect out of influencing the fresh new hips-to-cool percentages out of popular illustrations and you will statues. Imagination, Cognition and Identification. twenty-seven (1), pp. 47-62.

Methodological and you may conceptual items about science regarding actual attractionSwami, V. 2008. Methodological and conceptual activities in the research of actual attraction. in: Nilsson, I.L. and you can Lindberg, W.V. (ed.) Artwork effect: new research Hauppauge, Ny Nova Technology Writers. pp. 232-256

, Miller, Roentgen., Furnham, A great., Penke, L. and you will Tovee, Yards.J. 2008. The latest dictate out of men’s room intimate measures towards the attitudes out-of ladies’ bodily appeal, health and fertility. Personality and you will Private Differences. 49 (1), pp. 98-107.

Beliefs inside genetic determinism and you will attitudes with the psychiatric hereditary lookup: psychometric level functions, construct associations, group correlates, and cross-social comparisonsVoracek, Yards., Swami, V., Loibl, L.Meters. and you can Furnham, An effective. 2007. Philosophy for the genetic determinism and you may thinking on the psychiatric genetic research: psychometric scale qualities, make relationships, demographic correlates, and you may cross-social contrasting. Emotional Account. 101 ((step 3 Pt step one)), pp. 979-986.

The brand new relative share off profile physique and you can lbs to help you decisions out-of ladies actual elegance in the united kingdom and MalaysiaSwami, V. and you will Tovee, M.J. 2007. The cousin sum regarding character physique and weight so you can judgements out of ladies’ physical appeal in the united kingdom and Malaysia. System Image. 4 (4), pp. 391-396.

Unattractive, promiscuous and you will heavy drinkers: attitudes of females with tattoosSwami, V. and you can Furnham, An effective. 2007. Unappealing, promiscuous and you may heavier drinkers: perceptions of females with tattoos. Muscles Photo. 4 (4), pp. 343-352.

Cultural requirement for base-to-human body proportion choices? Evidence out-of Britain and you may outlying MalaysiaSwami, V., Einon, D. and you will Furnham, A beneficial. 2007. Social dependence on base-to-system ratio needs? Research out of Britain and you can rural Malaysia. Western Diary out of Societal Mindset. ten (4), pp. 265-269.

Women’s empowerment and you will violent demise certainly gents and ladies when you look at the Europe: an environmental studyStanistreet, D., Swami, V., Pope, D., Bambra, C. and you can Scott-Samuel, An effective. 2007. Women’s empowerment and violent demise certainly one of women and men from inside the Europe: an environmental analysis. Diary regarding Men’s room Fitness & Gender. cuatro (3), pp. 257-265.

Issues affecting the possibilities of in the process of beauty products surgeryBrown, An excellent., Furnham, Good., Glanville, L. and you may Swami, V. 2007. Points which affect the likelihood of undergoing surgery treatment. Graphic Businesses Record. twenty-seven (5), pp. 501-508.

Preferences having people system dimensions in the uk additionally the South PacificSwami, V., Knight, D., Tovee, Yards.J., Davies, P. and you will Furnham, An effective. 2007. Choice to possess people human anatomy dimensions in britain in addition to Southern area Pacific. Muscles Picture. 4 escort girls in Toledo OH (3), pp. 219-223.

Brand new muscular male: an evaluation of bodily elegance needs out of homosexual and you may heterosexual men

Variations in elegance choices ranging from perceiver for the reduced- and you can high-funding environments into the ThailandSwami, V. and Tovee, M.J. 2007. Differences in appeal choice between observers within the reduced- and you can highest-resource environments within the Thailand. Diary away from Evolutionary Mindset. 5 (1-4), pp. 149-160.

Contrasting notice and you can spouse bodily attractivenessSwami, V., Furnham, A good., Georgiades, C. and Pang, L. 2007. Comparing care about and you will partner real elegance. Muscles Photo. cuatro (1), pp. 97-101.

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